Painting Your Steel Garage Door

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One of the best materials for a garage door is steel. Steel garage doors do not need much attention and maintenance. It can even last for a very long time especially if kept in good condition. One way to get the most of your steel door is to have it painted from time to time. A good sign to repaint your steel garage door is when you see the old paint beginning to peel. Here are some useful tips when painting your steel garage door.

  1. Clean your steel garage door by washing it down with water. This can remove most of the superficial dirt attached on your garage door. Using a sponge or a scouring pad – depending on how dirty your garage door is – rub down any persistent stains or hardened foreign objects that have become stuck on the surfaces of your steel garage door. The smoother the surface, the better the quality of your paint job.
  2. Allow a drying period for your garage door. Never paint on your steel garage door if it is still wet as the paint may not stick to the surface. It can make the paint job a much more difficult process.
  3. When your steel garage door is all dry and ready, apply a coating of primer on it. But before doing this, you should make sure that the other surfaces around the garage door will not be affected. You can do this by attaching masking tape all around the garage door and on surfaces that you would not like painted on.
  4. Using a spray gun, paint horizontally, going from the top of the garage door to the bottom. Put a second coating after your first coating had some drying period. The finish can add more protection and gloss to your steel garage door.

Experts always emphasize that you buy the right kind of primer and paint for your garage doors so that you can enjoy longer lasting paint results.

How Garage Doors Came To Be

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What is the most important door in your home? Many people may consider the garage door to be the most significant door in a home since it is the most conspicuous and it performs a very important function. To an ordinary person, how the garage door operates can be quite fascinating and one may wonder how the garage door came to be.

In the past, cars were not the main mode of transportation and people often went about in carriages that were pulled by a horse. Horse carriages were used to carry people and merchandise from one place to another and just like cars today, the horse carriages needed to be placed in a secure space known as a carriage house. These carriage houses had doors that swing to accommodate the carriages.   The swing doors serve as basic protection for the horse carriages. In modern times, the garage doors provide security for our garage and everything inside it such as our vehicle and other belongings.

Take a look at your garage door. Can you see how it works? Your garage door is composed of so many major and minor mechanical and electrical components in order to make it work. There was not really much need for garage doors before the advent of automobiles. Needless to say, garage doors became a necessity when cars became the main mode of transportation.  And just like with horse carriages, the earliest garage doors were the swing doors.

Ford was one of the pioneers in the development and manufacture of automobiles and somehow, we can say that the automotive revolution started the production of garage doors. As more cars were produced, the need for excellent and functional garage doors increased too. Cars were considered by many people to be things of luxury and in fact, until now, not all people have this luxury of having their own transportation. It was but natural for most automobile owners to seek for a secure location to store their vehicles. Cars needed to be kept safe not only from thieves but it also from outdoor elements that can damage a vehicle’s interior and exterior. Garage doors help to make garages more secure, keeping the vehicles and other things inside the garage safe and sound.

Build Your Own Garage Door

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Garage doors can cost a lot of money. If you feel that you do not have the necessary funds to purchase a garage door, then if you have the knowledge, you can build a garage door yourself at home.

If you are replacing old garage doors, then take their measurements. If you are making a new garage door and it is the first garage door, then make sure you make careful measurements. Take extra measurement from the sides and an additional inch or two from the bottom. Online manuals exist to help in measuring garage doors. Once everything is measured, get all the materials you need to build your own garage door.

Then, you should decide on the style of your garage door. Many companies offer panels which you can use for your garage door. Some of the things you would have to decide on include the size, the colour, the material, the texture and the windows. Once you have decided on these things, you can get a price quote of how much the materials would cost you.

Decide on how you would like the panels. Also decide on the frame of your garage door. Once you have decided the framing, build it so that it fits the size of your garage entrance. Once that is done, your panels need to be inserted. Cut out the inserts where the panels will be inserted. For panels to be inserted, additional grooves need to be carved so that the panels can slide in easily. To secure the panels in place, apply glue to the grooves so that the panels are tightly inserted and fixed. If any additional parts are required, they can easily be ordered through home depot stores.

The garage door mechanism should then be installed. This can be done by following the instructions on the manual. The garage doors can then be installed into the motorized tracks of the system. Again, manuals play a very important role at this stage. Once this is done and the garage door is installed, you have successfully built and installed your own garage door.

What Are The Benefits Of A New Garage Door?

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If you are thinking about installing or buying a new garage door, then it is good to be aware of the benefits that will accompany this move. There are, without a doubt, benefits of new garage doors. The following paragraphs discuss the three main benefits that you can take advantage of when you decide to get a new garage door.

One of the many benefits is the fact that when you add a garage door to your house, the value of it is exceptionally increased. A garage door can be a beneficial investment because it can lead to almost three times the benefit in monetary terms. Houses that have a value of around $175,000 or more can lead to an additional gain of almost $7,000. A garage door that you have spent $2,000 on could lead to a massive resale value.

Garage doors also add an additional layer of security to your household. Imagine a garage without a door. You would be in perpetual fear about your vehicles getting stolen. Therefore, the addition of a garage door could mean more security. Not only would a garage door mean that your vehicles are safe, it would also mean that your family is safe too. Garages usually have a door that leads to the house. With a garage door in place, access to that door by strangers would be cut off.

A garage door can also mean a cleaner home. It can be treated as a second door that leads to the house, apart from the main front door. This would mean that when bad weather takes its toll and leads to dirty rain water, mud or snow, you can enter in through the garage door, take off your dirty or weather-soiled clothes and shoes and then enter the house. A garage door, therefore, would ensure a neat and clean house.

Added value, security and cleanliness are three of the many benefits that you can reap by installing a new garage door.

The Advantages Of A Two-Car Garage Door

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What is your garage door type? Do you have a two-car door? A large number of homes today prefer to have the two-car garage door as it can be very beneficial. First of all, it can help a homeowner save a lot of money on installation. The usual dimensions of a two-car garage door are 7 feet in height and a width from 16 feet to 20 feet. So what are the advantages of having a two-car garage door?

Saves Energy

The biggest advantage of having a two-car garage door is that it can help you save energy as compared to having separate garage doors for every vehicle. A two-car door uses less energy than the separate motors that operate for each garage door.

More Space To Maneuver

Another advantage of the two-car garage door is the fact that there would be more space to move around. The vehicles have more room available for pulling in and getting out of the garage.

Saves Money

If you have just one car at the moment, there can be chance that you might acquire more vehicles in the future. This is usually the case for individuals that have families or a family that suddenly gets bigger with the welcoming of new members. The space for more than one car is always a big advantage as you never know what can happen in the future. There are homeowners that have not planned for a bigger family and for more vehicles so they ended up spending more money on garage renovations in order to accommodate two or more vehicles. This oversight and extra expenditure could be easily avoided by considering having more garage space and a two-car garage door for future purposes. And if ever there would be no additional vehicle, you can always convert the garage space into living space.


Because you have a single motor operating to open the two-car garage door, there is a chance that both cars can get trapped inside in case the motor malfunctions.

The Good And Bad Of Having Windows In Your Garage Door

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In the past, garage doors were usually made from one solid material in order to provide absolute privacy and security. However, modern garage doors have displayed garage door windows and now, it has become very popular. More and more homeowners are seeing the benefits of having garage door windows. And yes, you can have the windows installed in your old garage door. You can also buy garage doors that already have garage door windows. Nevertheless, not all people are convinced of the benefits of having windows in their garage doors. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of having garage door windows.

Advantages of Garage Door Windows

Natural light

Imagine a brighter garage and the money that you can save on electricity. We all know that natural light gives any room magnificence and beauty.

 Curb Appeal

The garage door windows can add to the décor or design of your garage door. You can choose the shape of your windows and the materials to be used.

Disadvantages of Garage Door Windows

Visibility and Less Privacy

Now that you have windows in your garage door, you have opened a spot for people to look in and look out. Garage door windows are just like any other windows in your home. They will need to be secure so that it can’t provide an opportunity for burglars to come in. The best garage door windows are smaller than normal house windows and will need to be made of materials that are durable. There are a variety of glass types for garage door windows. You can choose the frosted, colored, and tainted glass.

 Lose Heat

Having garage door windows can decrease the heat insulation in your garage. Glass are not very good sound and heat insulators.

 Installation Costs

Buying a new garage door that has windows can be more affordable than having windows fitted in your old garage door. It can take up a lot of time and may even be costly.

Tips For Cost Effective Garage Door Repairs

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Garage doors will need to be checked time and again and if there are some things that need to be fixed, repair services will certainly be needed. However, for homeowners that are budget conscious, the expense for regular checkups and repairs made by professional garage door services can be too costly.

As a result, more and more people are looking into broadening their knowledge about home repairs and home improvement. Homeowners are even finding out ways to save money in the house by doing their own repairs and DIY home developments. So is it really possible for ordinary people to do garage door repairs? Well, probably not. After all, the garage door system is a complicated operation, especially the automated ones and for a layman to handle it can be more dangerous than helpful. You may even end up spending more money for hospital bills and medicine if you get injured while doing repairs on your garage door. There is no need to be disappointed though as there are other ways for you to save money on garage door maintenance other than doing the repairs yourself.

One way to save money is to choose a reliable garage door repair service. You can save money by paying for a service that has guaranteed results. Don’t pick out a garage door repair service that you don’t trust just because they offer cheaper prices. That could result to more costs when the damage is not fixed.

Another way to economize on garage door repair and maintenance is by using the warranty of your garage door. Garage doors are usually taken care of when it comes to repairs by the garage door manufacturer or distributor. For a year, you can probably enjoy free repairs and checkup services.

Finally, if all these options are not available to you, you can do a research for simple repairs that you can do to your garage door such as beautification and other minor repairs that will not endanger you.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your Garage Door

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In the news somewhere, a homeowner was actually sued for painting his garage door in a ghastly color. Well, I may have exaggerated that a little. The paint color was not ghastly, it was baby yellow. However, the neighborhood that had uniform garage door paint colors thought that they needed to protest. In this story the homeowner was just exercising his right to paint his garage door any color that he wants. And he may just win that case. However, in this article, we are focusing more on choosing the right color of paint for our garage door not because we would like to avoid causing our neighbors’ displeasure and getting sued but because we would like to have a garage door that complements our home.

There are homeowners out there that do not give much thought about the paint color for their garage door. Perhaps some people think that the garage door is a separate object that is not part of their home. You might already realize that this is not so. In fact, the garage door plays a big role in adding to the appearance of the home. Did you notice that the garage door is quite large and occupies a very wide space in the outdoor view of your house?  This is one reason why careful consideration must be given to the paint that one will be using for his or her garage door.

So how can a homeowner decide which color is best for his or her garage door? It is actually quite easy to just pick out a neutral color such as white, beige, black or brown. However, it does not have to be limited to these drab colors, especially if you dislike neutral colors. Your best option is to actually find a color that is in harmony with the main color of your home. Colors that are complementary to that of your major house color are great choices when picking out the paint color for your garage door. This way, you get to pick something that is not altogether bland looking while staying on the safe side.

Does Your Garage Door Have These Important Qualities?

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Nowadays, there are limitless designs and styles that homeowners can pick out for their garage doors. It can even get confusing sometimes to pick out a door for your garage because of the numerous options that a homeowner can have. So what qualities in a garage door should a person look for? Here is a rundown of the qualities that a good garage door should have.

Resilience and Strength

The garage door will be exposed to a lot of elements that can damage it in the long run. It is therefore very important for the garage door to be resilient to these elements. Materials used for the garage door must be carefully considered and only strong materials should be used to ensure that it will hold up for a number of years. Manufacturers of garage doors pay a lot of attention when it comes to materials used for garage doors, however, if you are getting customized ones, make sure that you use durable materials such as wood and metal.  Garage doors also need to be strong considering that it functions to serve as protection for your garage and properties inside it. There is also the daily operation of the garage door to consider and you cannot have frail materials for a garage door as it can get damaged easily.

Useful Features

Garage doors, especially the modern types, come with very useful features that make life more convenient. Opening and closing of garage doors have never been so convenient, as it can now be done with just a few taps on a button. The best thing, however, about modern garage doors is the strengthened security that the door provides for the homeowners.  There are very useful security features that ensure the safety of the people using it.

Pleasing To Look At

Even though, it’s not the top priority of some people, the garage door should be appealing and should add to the beauty of the home’s exterior. After all, if you will be paying for a garage door, it should at least look attractive and help to make your home look better.

The Automated Garage Door’s Wonderful Benefits

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Are you thinking of getting automated garage doors? Perhaps you have heard that most homeowners today enjoy the many wonderful benefits of automated garage doors. So when you are faced with the decision of getting manual or automated garage doors, here is a helpful article for you to help you decide. Why should you buy the automated ones?


The most obvious reason for getting the automated garage door is the convenience that it gives to its owners. Through the automated garage doors, people can open and close the garage door expediently without the need to step out of their vehicles. You won’t get wet in the rain or possibly slip in the snow. The most important thing is that life is a little bit more convenient with an automated garage door.

Time Efficient

Imagine all the time that you can save from stepping in and out of your car just to open or close it? Automated garage doors are well-loved due to the time it saves and nowadays, all people are busy so every second and every minute counts. Now you can be in and out of your garage in a jiffy with just a few clicks of your remote control.


Another top feature of the automated garage doors is the safety and security that it offers the homeowners. After all the garage doors do not open manually so thieves and burglars cannot just enter your garage and your home.


Automated garage doors are not a problem when it comes to maintenance. There are numerous garage repair services in almost every area and contacting one that is dependable is also hassle-free. Professional garage door services can look at your automated garage doors for you and they can do regular checkups to make sure that all is in order. So basically, you won’t have anything much to do except to contact their services which are also quite reasonably priced.